What is a parenting plan?

If you can reach an agreement about arrangements for your children, it can take the form of a ‘Parenting Plan’.

A Parenting Plan can set out your agreement about:

  • how often the children will spend with each parent
  • arrangements for holidays and special days (such as school holidays, Christmas and birthdays);
  • communication and changeover arrangements;
  • how expenses for the children will be paid; and
  • other things that you may agree on such as travel, medical and educational matters.

While not enforceable by a court, Parenting Plans may be considered by the court if they are signed and dated by both parents and entered into voluntarily.

They’re a great option if you and your ex have an amicable relationship and can be easily updated as your needs and the children’s needs change. They’re also affordable – you can create one online using our online settlement solution, Forward>> for $250+ GST.


Interested in a legally binding agreement that you can enforce at Court and include your agreement about property? You can read more about ACOs here.

For more information about your parenting agreement options give us a call here. Our lawyers can discuss your needs and goals with you and help you finalise your settlement agreements quickly and cost-effectively