Not the way
we do it

We help you create balance and harmony after your divorce so you can move on and  thrive.  We offer our online services Australia-wide and we are 100% fixed fee.


Not the way
we do it

We help you to create balance and harmony after your divorce so you can move on and thrive. We offer our online services Australia-wide and we are 100% fixed fee.

We are all about keeping things simple.  Separation and divorce doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us help you sort it out. We specialise in online settlement agreements and amicable separations, finding the best solutions to meet your family’s needs.

What best describes your situation?

I am separated or thinking about separating, what are our options?
We have an amicable relationship and would like a fast and affordable way to formalise our separation agreement

We’re having trouble reaching an agreement but are keen to sort it out peacefully.

We can help you to.....

Save time, money and rest easy! 

If you’ve separated and and agree on how to divide your assets and on parenting arrangements, our online solution Forward>>, is your answer. Create a legally binding  agreement in minutes, achieve peace of mind and save tens of thousands of dollars in Stamp Duty (or Capital Gains Tax) on your property transfer.

“Many thanks for how easy you made our property transfer. The process was so smooth and you were both fantastic to deal with.”
– Z.M, client. 

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Reflect, refocus and rebuild after separation…

 Mindset is everything and having the right approach at the very beginning, can set you on a path to an amicable divorce. Knowledge about the family law process and your options provides comfort and clarity during an otherwise challenging period.

“I highly recommend Perpetua Kish (Pepe). She handled my case with care, respect and dedication. She never treated me as just another case and she’s always truly invested in the best possible outcome for my children and myself.”
– K.W, client 

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 Achieve a peaceful outcome…

We are trained in conflict coaching, collaborative practice and human services. We understand that family law problems require not only a legal solution, but a human one. We work with financial planners, mediators and other professionals to provide the best possible advice and guidance to you.

“Jonathon and Pepe handled my case very respectfully and efficiently. They kept me up to date with any changes and progress throughout the whole process and made an effort to make sure I understood my rights and that they were protected. They were extremely professional and I felt they had my best interest at heart.”
– R.R, client 

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Over the years, we have come to realise that many of our friends and family would struggle with legal fees if they ever had to engage a family lawyer. So in response, we have created a firm that is accessible, affordable and 100% fixed fee.

We are all about providing a simple, stress-free service and a streamlined separation process.

We consider what we need to do to get the job done right. We check that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. We are thorough and conscientious. We are not a DIY service. The law is complicated and helping you is all part of the process.

We care. We go that extra mile. You may not always remember every word we said to you after the dust has settled on your agreement,  but you will remember how we made you feel.

We want to make a difference. We don’t think it’s fair to charge $100 for a 10-minute phone call. In fact, all phone calls (and emails) are part of our fixed fees. You can email  or call us without worrying about racking up the costs.

We factor in our running costs. We consider your needs but also how much we need to keep us in business and continue to offer an awesome service.

We value transparency, and most of our fees are listed here and here. For more complex matters, we prepare bespoke fixed fees. We will always have that conversation with you up front to find the pricing model that will fit your needs.

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