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Pepe and Jonathon handled my case with kindness, understanding and professionalism. It took a lot of patience and time but they never gave up and made me feel supported the whole way through. I referred them to a friend of mine who they have been able to help quickly and have been extremely supportive.
- R.R.

I sincerely appreciate the style with which you have approached my Family Law Matter. I have no hesitation in recommending you.
- B.K.

Pepe, just a short note to say thank you for your assistance. For what it’s worth your professionalism is only exceeded by your sincerity and kindness. You do exceptional work in what must be, at times a very draining environment. In my younger days my parents would refer to someone like you as a “good egg”.
- M.S.

Many thanks for how easy you made our property transfer. The process was so smooth and you were both fantastic to deal with.
- Z.M.

Pepe - this is my first experience with lawyers in my young 37 years. At first I was very closed as I thought you would be like the rest, but I was very wrong indeed. Your professionalism and going the extra step is what made the difference in the outcome. Your attention to detail, handling the situation and keeping me in the loop (even when I was worried) resulted in the best outcome for me and I cannot say thank you enough. Lastly, you understood the situation as a human. It was a great outcome and now I have my home back - thank you!
- G.S.

Jonathon, I must say that in 4 years you and Pepe are the most efficient and prompt team I have ever met. You both responded quickly and courteously to all my unresolved issues, question and problems with my previous legal team. I must add most strongly that your attention to my case resolved issues in a matter in only a few months, whereas the previous firm had it in their charge for over FOUR years. I am so glad that smart sense finally saved my situation. I am so pleased with your results for me that I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend you. I can only wish and lament that you were there for me four or more years ago. Thanks again on a job well done. Cheers.
- F.N.

Pepe has kept me sane! At all times she’s been professional, responsive, direct and friendly. Knowing that someone is always there, whether to clarify the law, provide sensible advice, options for solutions, or gentle reassurance she has been extremely helpful in keeping me feeling both empowered and cared for during a challenging year.
- J.B.

I appreciate all you have done for me Pepe. I would not have got this far without your hard work.
- L.T.

Genuinely committed to positive outcomes and minimising the nastiness that can be associated with family law matters. Real technical expertise plus human sensitivity.
- M.C.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your hard work on K’s behalf and we are overjoyed at the outcome.
- B.B.

Jonathon and Pepe handled my case very respectfully and efficiently. They kept me up to date with any changes and progress throughout the whole process and made an effort to make sure I understood my rights and that they where protected. I felt that I was supported during a very lengthy and difficult time and would really recommend them to anyone looking for help in regards to a family law matter.
They were extremely professional and I felt they had my best interest at heart.
- I.D.

I highly recommend Perpetua Kish (Pepe). She handled my case with care, respect and dedication. While she remained professional at all times, she also managed to convey compassion and genuine concern for my individual needs. She never treated me as just another case and she’s always truly invested in the best possible outcome for my children and myself. I hold her in the highest regard, she is a talented lawyer, is calm under pressure, dignified and a credit to her firm. I will for ever be grateful to Pepe for her support and success in handling my matter.
- K.W.

Words can’t describe how grateful we are. Thanks for everything-I can’t help but think if we had you from the start and this process would’ve been successful and finalised some time ago, particularly with the drafting of the orders correctly from the beginning.
- M & D.

Thank you so much - you and counsel were both incredible today. A great result!
- B.K.

I would like to say how happy I am with the current service. Pepe and Jono were very proactive and helpful in what became a drawn out and difficult process.
- D.P.

I can’t honestly find the words to thank you enough for all the work you have done for the kids and me. To say I am relieved is an understatement. I wouldn’t be in this position without you, so thank you very much! You have guided me through this whole process with compassion, understanding and patience and it is greatly appreciated.
- K.B.

Thanks once again for your understanding and support. Pepe and Jono kick another goal!
- B.S

Really great people to work with. They know their stuff and are also compassionate and caring as well as understanding and explaining all the legal jargon. I highly recommend.
- R.T.

I referred one of my clients to Pepe and was very impressed with the compassion she showed and the way she was able to help my client.
- Alison, Genki Finance

I approached Pepe for some advice on behalf of a friend who is in the process of separating from her husband. Pepe was very professional throughout our dealings and extremely patient with all of my questions. She provided advice that was fair and reasonable, and explained all the options available and the steps that would be involved throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone else and if I was ever in the position myself I would feel confident engaging her services.
- C.C.

Thank you for your advice and support. It was very helpful.
- P.L.

Pepe and Jono are Amazing! They care.
- N.S.

I recommend Balance Family Law - not your usual approach to family law and Perpetua is all about resolving things amicably rather than fighting it out in court which is a welcome change from the most lawyers!
- S.S.

I highly recommend Balance Family Law! Perpetua will look after you through all stages of the process. She helped me immensely during my separation and her guidance helped me settle my matter with a great outcome.
- S.Q.

Balance Family Law are professional, highly skilled, cost effective and compassionate
- L.L.

I have no doubt that your legal practice is going to continue to do well, you are both lovely people and your positive attitude and ability to have a laugh will carry you both far. You are a breath of fresh air in the legal world, no stuffy offices filled with dusty books for you two.
- J.K.s

Pepe and Jono assisted me with a complicated superannuation court order. They provided practical and honest information in a completely professional and friendly manner. They are upfront with the processes and the fee schedule and kept me constantly up-to-date with matters. Pepe and Jono care about the work they do, always making themselves available and making their clients feel at ease. I would highly recommend them to anyone else thinking advice or legal assistance
- J.K.

After being in a relationship for over 13 years, I was so nervous to begin the divorce process. I had no idea where to begin or what my legal rights were, especially when it came to my children. It all started with a 10-minute phone call to Pepe. Following that initial conversation, I knew what my rights were and what I needed to do. It has now been two and a half years and thanks to Balance Family Law, my matter has settled and my life is moving on. I can’t thank Pepe and Jono enough. Throughout the whole process, they supported me, were quick to act and respond, and provided clear and logical advice. The cost agreement structure meant that conversations were not timed and emails were not counted, which made it easier for me to afford and removed an element of stress. I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend Balance Family Law!
- D.N.

I found our conversation very helpful as I was given lots of useful information relevant to my case and situation. Pepe is very knowledgeable and caring and dedicated to helping clients.
I would most definitely recommend Balance Family Law. The complimentary call was very helpful plus there is a wealth of information to access on the website whichis a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about family law matters.
- K.H.

Working with Balance Family Law was excellent and seamless. I feel like I had absolute certainty as to my legal fees. I would absolutely refer them to friends and family for their timely and courteous service.
- C.W.

The Balance Family Law team really do live and breathe their purpose. When engaging Pepe and Jono, I could immediately see that I wasn't just signing up for generic legal advice, but receiving heart-centred support and a genuine commitment to the best possible outcome for all involved - a truly collaborative approach. They made a very stressful and overwhelming situation easier to digest and understand, pairing exceptional professional knowledge with kindness, patience and compassion, not to mention the comfort of fixed fees. I am very grateful and highly recommend Balance Family Law.
- J.O.

Jono & Pepe were great to work with, understanding and available to reassure and assist. They understood my needs and offered solutions in a friendly, well-communicated manner. At all times during my separation, Jono & Pepe met and exceeded my expectations with friendly support, advice and explanations. Balance Family Law’s fee structure is easy to follow with no surprises. I knew what I was paying for well in advance. Phone calls and emails were always promptly returned without adding extra dollars to the account. It's all-inclusive. If I was uncertain or needed reassurance, I simply contacted Jono or Pepe. They were always happy to help, and I never felt like my questions were trivial or had been asked a million time before.
- S.W.

I have and will continue to recommend Balance Family Law to family and friends. They made me feel comfortable and supported during a difficult time. The online solution was simple to navigate, and Jono was only a phone call away if I had any questions. I am so grateful for the support Balance Family Law provided during my separation; it can be a difficult time and was made so much easier by the fact they could offer solutions to any conflicting situations. They provided real-life knowledge and experience. It is so nice to see young professionals driven to help during what can be difficult times. As much as it would be nice for all these situations to be amicable, sometimes things don't go as planned. Jono and Pepe were very flexible, making any adjustments as required, provided professional advice on possible outcomes. I was very thankful for their quick replies and attention, allowing the best outcome in the shortest timeframe possible.
- S.W.

Balance Family Law provided an excellent service. Jonathon was extremely friendly and met our expectations in a very practical manner. The fee structure was fair and acceptable, and from start to finish, our experience was great. Jonathon was friendly and helpful. We would like to recommend Balance Family Law to everyone.
- J.O.

It was nice to work with Balance Family Law because they helped me a lot to get to my target/expectation. They took the time to understand my circumstances to find the possible solutions which were fair and reasonable. They met my expectations for my parenting and property matters. Their fixed scope fees actually worked for me as I was able to understand what was included, and I could see the amount of money I needed to handle at the end. I will recommend Balance Family Law to a friend or colleague if they need help with family law matters because they are professional.
- M.L.

During COVID-19, when I lost contact with my son, Balance Family Law (Perpetua) advised me of different solutions and prepared the application which could make my case more advantageous to deal with the opposite party. Perpetua showed professionalism in handling difficulties, she read details of the situation quickly and gave correct advice which helped me to make my decision to proceed with an application. I would like to say I appreciate the work of Balance Family Law
- M.L.

During a very stressful time, Family Balance Law provided clear and practical advice. They were prepared for our meeting, expectations of the outcomes were clearly set out at the beginning of our meetings (and met by the end), and there were no surprise fees.
Expectations and outcomes were clearly set out at the start of our meeting (and met by the end), you had prepared for our meeting by reading all the documentation I had sent through, the fee structure was clear and you didn't drag anything out (which has been my experience with some other law firms). I just outlined the issue I needed advice on and you provided exactly what I asked for. Your advice was practical and easy to understand, I had been extremely overwhelmed with getting Consent Orders sorted and left our meeting feeling very relieved and confident that I could get the outcome I wanted.
I would absolutely recommend Balance to friends and associates, they are very easy to deal with. Outcomes and fees were clearly set out at the start of the meeting, you were very responsive (always getting back to me within a day), advice was practical and easy to understand.
- M.R, Family Law Client

I’d just like to say that Jonathan Naef was a spectacular lawyer and our recent divorce settlement went incredibly smoothly and speedily thanks to him and I think he deserves a lot of credit for it. He cared, was prompt, always delivered, and was always there when we needed him. So thank you all at Balance and especially to Jonathan.
- T.S, Family Law Client

Perpetua (Pepe) and Jonathan (Jono) are amazing professionals. I have followed Pepe for 11 years of family law assistance I have needed. She has been a calm beacon of light through some really difficult times in my life. Through 3 periods of legal requirements during a divorce/financial separation, children’s matters and subsequent superannuation complex situation, Pepe provided measured balanced advice which allowed me to feel well supported and able to navigate what is a confusing and mentally tough road. Pepe and I have worked collaboratively together on these cases when she represented me and when I self-represented. Pepe’s calm demeanour allows you to know you are on the right path every step of the way.
- A.W.

Pepe’s establishment of Balance Family Law has brought her to her natural space of collaborative law where she now offers fixed price legal representation and the best possible outcome. It’s no surprise that Balance Family Law has been nominated for and won many awards for their different approach to what is often seen as a cutthroat business where only the lawyers win. For Pepe and Jono, their prime focus is you. You will be glad you chose Balance Family Law. Thank you, Pepe and Jono, for all your support and amazing advice. I couldn’t have done what I did without you.
- A.W.

Family law that is focused on family and wellbeing. Professional, informative, supportive, and kind.
- J.B.

Jono was super helpful and efficient in getting my will and estate plan in order. Very knowledgeable and was always willing to make the time to ensure I understood the why's and how's of my will. Would definitely recommend Jono and the Balance Team to anyone and everyone!
- B.F.

Pepe and Jono are professional, friendly, and down-to-earth approachable. I found their fees to be fair and they always kept the lines of communication open in terms of where things were at. Highly recommend for both family law matters and wills and estate planning!!!
- V.V.

Pepe and her team are fantastic! She made the whole experience very easy. She was clear, concise, professional, but also very empathetic and understanding. It was a delight to deal with her. Thank you so much for helping me and being so accommodating.

Pepe is not a lawyer, she is an amazing human being, no she is an angel (disguised as a lawyer). She alleviated all stress and pressure from me when I needed it the most. She was the rock in one of the worst times in my life. I don't know of any other lawyer, or person in that matter that would have been so supportive. She provided me with so much more than advice and representation, she guided me to be the person I am today. Without Pepe, I have no idea what I would have done, or if I would have even survived. I feel I was blessed to have come across her and am forever grateful for everything she has done. Oh and of course Jono, another amazing individual, no question is ever too much to ask. He is the backbone of the company, and as a team, they are hands down the best lawyers in Canberra. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. No matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from, they will treat you with dignity and respect, and treat you like a person. There are not enough words to say how thankful and grateful I am to both. They truly saved my life in more ways than one. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!
- E.S.

Had a great experience with Balance Family Law! Jono and the team were amazing in explaining things clearly and simply. Highly recommend to anyone looking for assistance in family law.
- M.W.

Balance Family Law is a great legal team to have on your side. They see things as a whole strategically while logically working through the details. They are practical and honest about options for action and provide clear and tailored advice and their genuine commitment to collaborative law is of great advantage to their clients. Highly recommended.
- M.C.

Perpetua is one of those rare individuals who bring more than their fair share of kindness and positivity to some of the most difficult circumstances that plague us and our families in modern society. She brings extra kindness so that there is enough to share with others for a more positive outcome. For me, this quote from Angela Davis “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept" epitomises Perpetua in her efforts to bring more positive outcomes for all concerned from divorce .
- P.A.J.

Jono was very approachable and knowledgeable when it came time to do my estate planning. He explained things clearly which made the process straightforward. I highly recommend the team at Balance Family Law for their services.

Balance Family Law were amazing! Jono is so professional and efficient, I highly recommend their services!
- L.O.

Perpetua is an innovative legal eagle with a heart centred approach to family law. She's a powerhouse leader in applying emotional intelligence to family law. Her humanised approach is refreshing and very supportive of the children involved. I highly recommend her services for future collaborations and initiatives.
- L.Z.

I've been following Pepe Kish for a long time and she's an incredible influencer and lawyer who is leading the way. I love her approach of compassion and strength and it's her message that the world needs to hear. An amazing lady, love her work!
- E.Z.

Perpetua is a true powerhouse professional of her space. Highly detailed and high EQ a rare combination indeed. She's definitely someone you'd do well to connect with.
- C.P.H.

Pepe and Jono were friendly, personable and knowledgeable. I had complete trust that they provided the best options for my situation and the costs were very reasonable. I also found it easy to make appointments and they were very flexible around my busy schedule. I highly recommend Balance Family Law to anyone.

Jono was amazing in helping us to establish testamentary trusts and guided us so well throughout the process. Communication was prompt and always very professional, breaking down legal jargon into simple terms for us to get a good understanding of the concepts. Jono was very patient with us and checked in regularly with reminders or prompts as needed and we are now so relieved to have these final documents in place. Thanks for everything, we would highly recommend Balance Family Law!
- N.B.

We had a terrific experience with Jono at Balance Family Law. The whole process was simple, efficient and professional. Communication was excellent. The price was reasonable and fair, the opposite of most law firms. I'm really glad I used Balance Family Law and highly recommend them.
- B.N.

I found the service of Balance Family Law to be prompt and professional when handling my financial separation and divorce matters. I was always able to ask questions and receive timely responses.
- S.S.

Pepe and Jono were endlessly professional, compassionate and supportive. I highly recommend them.
- P.H.

I couldn't have asked for better service from Jonathon and his team at Balance Family Law, particularly given the tight timeframe I presented them with. At all times, the advice was provided in a professional and timely manner and delivered in such a way that I understood all the legalities involved. I found the whole experience to be very positive and I cannot recommend Jonathon highly enough.
- E.H.

I had only negative experiences with my previous family lawyers, so I went into my first meeting with little hope of success. But that all changed when I met the team at Balance Family Law. Pepe and Jonathan were extremely focused and driven in everything they did for me. I never once had to chase them for information or to see what was happening with my case. They kept me informed every step of the way and always seemed to be two steps ahead of the curve. The fees were very reasonable, and I would not hesitate in engaging with Balance again in the future. Pepe and Jonathan make you and your children their top priority, unlike other firms I have dealt with, and they got me the result I wanted even though the odds were against us. I could not be happier or truly express just how good at their jobs Pepe and Jonathan really are! From my daughter and I, thank you to the whole team at Balance Family Law, we are extremely grateful for all your great work!
- A.S.

My wife and I have found Jonathan and Balance Law to be friendly and professional in all our dealings. They managed to make sure that we did not feel intimidated and reduce much of the legal jargon to simple English. There was no pressure and nothing was a problem. This view is from two senior citizens, and we unreservedly recommend them to anyone who is unfamiliar with the law and feels intimidated by lawyers generally.
- T & J

Pepe and Jono were wonderful in helping me navigate my separation and divorce. Their kindness and professionalism made such a difference to the outcome, as well as to my overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend them.
- A.K.

I can't thank Balance Family Law enough for their expertise, support and professionalism throughout the entirety of my family matter. I particularly want to thank Muhamed for his tireless efforts, dedication and skill. I was incredibly impressed with his ability to listen and make sense of my situation, especially at times when I felt that I couldn't. I also want to thank Pepe for all of her guidance, and for empowering me throughout the last 12 months. I am incredibly grateful for your support and I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve the best outcome for my daughter.
- P.K.

I wanted to convey my sincerest thanks and appreciation for everything that Balance has done. Without your expertise, calmness and sensitive approach, there's no way I could have done this on my own.

I've learned an incredible amount since we first started working with each other. The personal growth that I've experienced is not something I was prepared for; it has, however, reshaped how I think about family matters and what is truly in the best interest of a child.

You have all been amazing, and I don't think I could have asked for a better team - thank you. I would be more than happy to refer other clients to you.
- P.K.

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Finalist - Corporate Kindness Awards

Issued by Corporate Kindness Awards · Winners announced April 2022

Winner - Sole Practitioner of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Dec 2021

Winner – Partner of the Year (Family Law)

Issued by Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards · Nov 2021

Winner - Service Business Award

Issued by Ausmumpreneur Awards · Sep 2021

Winner - Service Business of the Year

Issued by Roar Awards · Sep 2021

Winner - Innovation Award for Legal Education and Change Initiatives

Issued by APAC Insider · Aug 2021

Winner - Top Boutique Law Firm 2021

Issued by Australasian Lawyers · Aug 2021

Winner- Boutique Law Firm of the Year

Issued by APAC Insider · Aug 2021

Finalist - Boutique Law Firm of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Jun 2021

Finalist - Innovator of the Year Award (Company)

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Jun 2021

Finalist - Innovator of the Year Award (Individual)

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Jun 2021

Finalist – 30 Under 30 Award (Family Law)

Issued by Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards · Apr 2021

Winner - Rising Stars in Family Law

Issued by Global Corp Media · Mar 2021

Finalist -Rising Star Ausmumpreneur of the Year

Issued by Ausmumpreneur Awards · 2021

Finalist -Social Change Hero

Issued by Roar Awards · 2021

Winner - Boutique Law Firm of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Sep 2020

Winner - Family Law Firm of the Year

Issued by Corporate Live Wire · Sep 2020

Winner - Service Business Award

Issued by Ausmumpreneurs · Sep 2020

Winner -Emerging Mumpreneur

Issued by Ausmumpreneur · Sep 2020

Finalist - Sole Practitioner of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Aug 2020

Winner - Rising Stars of Family Law

Issued by APEC Insider · Jul 2020

Winner – Family Law Firm of the Year (Australia)

Issued by International Advisory Experts (IAG) 2020

Outside of Balance, I am an adjunct lecturer and assessor with the College of Law in the ACT. In this role, I lecture and mentor future lawyers in the ACT and surrounding regions, as they complete their Practical Legal Training (which is the course you are required to complete to be able to practice as a lawyer).

When I am not lawyering I love to travel and have already made it to 18 countries across Europe and Asia. My personal goal is to travel to every continent, including Antarctica. My favourite destination so far is Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, where I skydived over the Swiss Alps!

My innovative approach to law has seen me, and Balance Family Law recognised with over 23 national and international awards and accolades since 2020 including the prestigious Lawyer’s Weekly Family Law Partner of the Year 2021, Australian Law Awards Sole Practitioner of the Year 2021, Australian Law Awards Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2020 and the Gold Ausmumpreneur Award for a Service Business in 2020 and 2021. I have also received consecutive Chief Minister’s Awards for Excellence for my work with families and children on the frontline during my time working in child protection. In 2022 and 2023, I was invited to be a Judge at the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards, and Partner of the Year Awards, and the National Ausmumpreneur Awards.

As one of Australia’s most respected family lawyers and a gamechanger in the lawyer space, I look forward to working with you to navigate this challenging time in your life.