We help individuals and couples create balance and harmony during and after separation so they can move on and thrive.

We believe in resolving family law matters with dignity, understanding and insight. 

While the law provides a legal solution and the standard approach to family law resolutions will give you a % breakdown or “range of likely outcomes”, often finding the human solution is equally important.

At Balance Family Law we don’t do standard.

We support everyone to consider the full picture and take into account each individual’s perspective when thinking about their future following separation or divorce. We focus on solutions and have the skills and expertise to de-escalate conflict so that everyone achieves a balanced future.

Using creativity and technology, we work with you to quickly and efficiently formalise agreements and develop solutions that work for you and your family.

With a positive perspective, the end of a relationship can actually be an opportunity to transform your life.

We offer


Assistance to formalise the agreements you’ve reached about property, parenting and/or child support, swiftly and affordably with as much (or as little) assistance from us as is required.


Information sessions for separating couples  about the different options for settlement (including  preparation of a tailored divorce guide map for you).


Personalised legal advice and guidance in person or online.


Holistic advice and guidance by connecting you with professionals (financial planners, counsellors, estates lawyers) who can work with us to assist you to make informed and empowered decisions.


Conflict management coaching (ACT residents only). Contact us to obtain a Conflict Coaching form here.


Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. 


Preparation and advice on  Binding Financial Agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements) and Child Support Agreements.


Court document drafting and revision if you’re a self-represented litigant.


Will or Estate Planning services for all of our family law and coaching clients (and your first estate planning meeting is free).