Reflections of a Paralegal by Lauren Quach

By Lauren Quach

As I pass the 6-month mark working at Balance, I share with you some of my reflections and key takeaways in my journey as a paralegal so far. The past 6 months has been a steep learning curve and has definitely tested me in ways I never had expected. There has been so much that I have learnt and gained in this time, and I bring to you five of the key insights I have gained from working as a paralegal in the family law space.

  1. Everyone is fighting a battle – don’t raise your own sword, be kind and empathetic
    Family law is a side of law that deals with a very human element of law. We do not deal with large faceless companies and organisations rather mums and dads navigating life after separation or grandparents deciding on their estate plans. When receiving less than enthusiastic responses, it is important to be empathetic, look outside myself and remember not to take things personally. I can only control myself and give people as much understanding and kindness as I would want to be afforded if I was to ever go through a situation like theirs.
  2. Take initiative and try to limit upward delegation
    While it is good to take instruction well and do tasks efficiently, there has also been capacity for me as a paralegal to take initiative, provide suggestions, or to try the next step and offering options instead of waiting to be to be told exactly what to do. Through taking a proactive approach, upward delegation is limited, and processes become more efficient. Not only this, through taking initiative, I have been able to gain confidence, increase my skillset and acquire a far better understanding of family law processes as opposed to completing discrete tasks.
  3. Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions
    This one may seem obvious, but I cannot emphasise it enough. I have spent (and still do spend) all too much time overthinking and agonising whether to ask some questions, afraid to ask in case it has Pepe and Jono rethinking their hiring decisions. Although, once I actually ask the question, I never regret it. I have learnt so much and at an exponential rate by asking the interesting questions. Being curious has let me gain further understanding, Pepe and Jono have valuable expertise and have offered so much insight that has allowed me to grow not only in a professional capacity but also in a personal one.
  4. Mistakes happen, own them
    No one is perfect, and I am definitely not an exception to this rule, but that didn’t stop me from being absolutely terrified of making a mistake. I remember the first time I made a mistake and my first thought, albeit irrational, was that I was going to get fired. Now I look back and laugh quietly at myself. People make mistakes. I make mistakes. And that is ok, it is part of learning. Before I used to shy away from my mistakes, brush them off and act like they were not mine. When I started taking ownership of them, learning from them, and telling myself I would do better as a result of them was when I truly improved.
  5. Imposter syndrome is real – mental health and perspective is important
    I am still quite young, and this is my first time being exposed to the law and corporate environment outside of an educational context. There are definitely times where I have felt undeserving, unqualified, in over my head, depressed, anxious and stressed. Being able to talk with others and share my experiences in a safe space has been invaluable in helping manage this whether it is talking with trusted friends, family, a therapist or even, for me, in the workplace. Despite the imposter syndrome, as I learn (and continue learning) to trust my ability and continue to grow, I find myself with time, reflection, and perspective, becoming more confident and growing as a person.

Working as a paralegal has been an invaluable journey so far that ultimately has allowed me to grow and flourish in many aspects of my life. I have felt a breadth of emotions upon reflection from fulfilled to challenged to inspired and I wouldn’t change this journey for any other. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills, learn more about family law and can’t wait to see where my journey as a paralegal with Balance leads me.

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Finalist - Corporate Kindness Awards

Issued by Corporate Kindness Awards · Winners announced April 2022

Winner - Sole Practitioner of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Dec 2021

Winner – Partner of the Year (Family Law)

Issued by Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards · Nov 2021

Winner - Service Business Award

Issued by Ausmumpreneur Awards · Sep 2021

Winner - Service Business of the Year

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Winner - Innovation Award for Legal Education and Change Initiatives

Issued by APAC Insider · Aug 2021

Winner - Top Boutique Law Firm 2021

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Winner- Boutique Law Firm of the Year

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Finalist – 30 Under 30 Award (Family Law)

Issued by Lawyers Weekly 30 under 30 Awards · Apr 2021

Winner - Rising Stars in Family Law

Issued by Global Corp Media · Mar 2021

Finalist -Rising Star Ausmumpreneur of the Year

Issued by Ausmumpreneur Awards · 2021

Finalist -Social Change Hero

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Winner - Boutique Law Firm of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Sep 2020

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Winner - Service Business Award

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Finalist - Sole Practitioner of the Year

Issued by Australian Law Awards · Aug 2020

Winner - Rising Stars of Family Law

Issued by APEC Insider · Jul 2020

Winner – Family Law Firm of the Year (Australia)

Issued by International Advisory Experts (IAG) 2020

Outside of Balance, I am an adjunct lecturer and assessor with the College of Law in the ACT. In this role, I lecture and mentor future lawyers in the ACT and surrounding regions, as they complete their Practical Legal Training (which is the course you are required to complete to be able to practice as a lawyer).

When I am not lawyering I love to travel and have already made it to 18 countries across Europe and Asia. My personal goal is to travel to every continent, including Antarctica. My favourite destination so far is Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, where I skydived over the Swiss Alps!

My innovative approach to law has seen me, and Balance Family Law recognised with over 23 national and international awards and accolades since 2020 including the prestigious Lawyer’s Weekly Family Law Partner of the Year 2021, Australian Law Awards Sole Practitioner of the Year 2021, Australian Law Awards Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2020 and the Gold Ausmumpreneur Award for a Service Business in 2020 and 2021. I have also received consecutive Chief Minister’s Awards for Excellence for my work with families and children on the frontline during my time working in child protection. In 2022 and 2023, I was invited to be a Judge at the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards, and Partner of the Year Awards, and the National Ausmumpreneur Awards.

As one of Australia’s most respected family lawyers and a gamechanger in the lawyer space, I look forward to working with you to navigate this challenging time in your life.